Programmatic Marketing helps Customer Experience?

  • By AlexanderStoter
  • Mar 18th, 2018
  • Blog

Building Sustainable Customer Relationships is still a struggle for many companies. Since they have the digital opportunities like Marketing Automation and CMS systems to interact it doesn’t implicate a personalized approach. How do companies learn from all interactions in cross channels with a Customer? How do they initiate and activate based on personal intentions and needs. Individual behaviors digital and non digital. Digital Marketing Innovation set many professionals in the potential drivers seat, but it all starts with Strategy and Insights, which could be leveraged to each Individual Customer.  It is difficult to differentiate from segmented to personalized approach. Information gained from real moments of interaction. How can companies facilitate true interaction?  How to prevent a contact strategy which only directs frequency of contact and not relevance? How to prevent a push based approach? Your basket is waiting for action Mr or Ms!!! In the meanwhile your purchase will be delivered by a Competitor who had a better offer in place…it is difficult and challenging. Arnout Kelderman of K2 gives a good opinion on the topic in his white paper. He combines tooling with Customer Experience in a way that it is more sustainable for true Customer Relationships instead of just a Tool. Read more from K2 Marketing on Programmatic Marketing



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