Internal Communication

Internet Communication is a key Competency, it's not an instrument of Corporate Communcations


In the Communication matrix we identify 4 types based on the 2 dimensions Communication Culture and Information Richness.


Internal Communication as a Competency has two main aspects.

  1. Communication Culture.
  2. Information Richness.

Communication Culture refers to norms and values we use in interpersonal, intercompany communications. For instance how we work together, and how open or strategic we are about our intentions and motives.

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Information Richness is about the quality of information ( relevance, just in time, accountable, actionable) and the process of decision making process. How is information used in decisions and actions.

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This Competency is strong related to the extend a company is able to be Customer Centric. The Framework will link stages in Communication competence and Customer Centric Behaviors.







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