Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is the main framework for Marketing Organization. It’s strange that it is just now. Agility is always a kind of key success factor and strong linked to the urgency to adopt and learn from day to day experiences. Customer Centric Organization should be build on principles of interaction based organization structures. Flexible, and organized around self autonomic decision making teams. Experiment, Learn and in fast cycles based on ideas and not on plans and planning cycles. Agile Marketing is a framework that exist and is build on several theories like Lean and Lean Startup. They al take the Customer first. Whether it is Customer Delight, Customer Benefit or Solving the Customers frustration it is al around the Customer who urge Companies to change their behaviors and thinking. It’s common sense today that is shared around Agile and brings together a set of new ways of working together:

  • Strong interactions between multidisciplinary teams around common topics, interests and or goals
  • Open communication not hierarchic
  • Self autonomy in decision making
  • Transparency in goals and interest
  • Information based on facts
  • Information which is processes as fast as possible in feedback loops which enable quick adoptions

There factors are not only based on tools but on a Vision on How Employees and Managers should act and Why this will lead to better Customer Centric Propositions including Customer Journeys.

In Agile a lot of Internal Communication principles come together which have in common that the Employee self is the center of responsibility and Manager are there to enable and make or brake hick ups and realize solutions which disturb processes of Employees.



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